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B ComplexBio Curunga (180 tablets)

Bath Salts with Microhydrin

Articul: 5185
624 grams

 Bath salts give freshness to the water and make it soft. The healing properties of the Dead Sea salts and microhydrin assist in skin renewal. The salts treatment opens the pores, which makes it easier to transport the useful components into the deep layers of the skin and quickens the excretion of toxins and chemical wastes. Salt softens the skin, makes it elastic and velvet. It prevents the development of cellulites due to stimulating blood circulation and lymph outflow. Essential oils give the salt a delicate and refined odor, produces favorable effects on the mental health and emotional condition, assists in tired muscles. It also produces antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Microhydrin provides a safe protection from free radicals and prevents signs of early aging.

 Composition: Sea Salt including Dead Sea Salt, Microhydrin, vitamin C, Essential Oils of grapefruit, mandarin and lavender. your social media marketing partner

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